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Jeffco Youth Football Assoc.

Jeffco Youth Football Assoc.

JYFA Rules and ByLaws Rev 6-05-20

2020 Rule Change List

  • Rule 1: Adding Kindergarten and 1st grade level of play
  • Rule 1: Two Year Max Age rule:
  • Rule 2: School demographic form allowance:
  • Rule 19: Ability to have non-contact practices prior to season start







  12. AREAS



1.1    League play begins at Kindergarten. Players will be placed/drafted onto teams by grade for the year of play. The Jeffco Youth Football Association (JYFA) sponsors the following age groups for play:

Kindergarten (5); 1st grade (6); 2nd grade (7); 3rd grade (8); 4th grade (9); 5th grade (10); 6th grade (11); 7th grade (12); 8th grade (13-14). High School students are ineligible to participate in the JYFA program.

1.2     If a team at any age or grade level, cannot field a full team, then that team may allow the lower age or grade level players to play up. Players who play up may continue to do so.  This will not count as their one time grade level return.

1.2.1  In the event that an area has registered Kindergarten and 1st-grade players without the ability to fill a roster the players will be allowed to play on a kindergarten/1st grade team of an adjacent area to fill a roster spot.

1.2.2  The players will return to their home area the following season.

1.3    Players who meet the age requirement as of Oct 1st of the current year may be permitted to play with their age level team regardless of the players’ grade in school.  Players who elect to play with their age level team may only do so once in their JYFA career.  Players will be permitted to return to their grade level team one time at any point in their JYFA career.  Players are only allowed to play one grade level up and never play a grade level down.  Parent of players who elect to play up with their age level team under this rule must sign a written acknowledgement stating their understanding of the expectations and consequences of this rule.  This written acknowledgement will be filed with the players’ football club (association) and JYFA executive board.

1.3.1 Players will not be permitted to play in a lower age group or grade level except under the following conditions, both of which must be met. The player is enrolled in a Colorado public school or equivalent home school grade in accordance with the CDE at that grade level; The player does not turn two years older than the age group before November 30 of that  season’s year. For example, a player who is enrolled in the 4th grade will not be permitted to play at the 4th grade level if that player turns 11 before November 30 of that season’s year. The maximum age at each grade level is listed below:

1st Grade: Top set 8 year old by Nov 30

2nd Grade: Top set 9 year old by Nov 30

3rd Grade: Top set 10 year old by Nov 30

4th Grade: Top set 11 year old by Nov 30

5th Grade: Top set 12 year old by Nov 30

6th Grade: Top set 13 year old by Nov 30

7th Grade: Top set 14 year old by Nov 30

8th Grade: Top set 15 year old by Nov 30

1.4    Any player who was previously rostered on a JYFA team with players one grade above that players school grade, may elect to move down to that players school assigned grade level one time in that player’s JYFA career. A player who was previously rostered on a JYFA team at a grade level lower than that player’s age and is more than two year older than their grade level accordance with rule 1.1 must move up to the assigned age group and grade level. No “grandfathering” will be allowed under any circumstances.

1.5    All new players in Kindergarten and 1st graders will participate in a two-hand touch format sanctioned by JYFA.

1.6    All players in 2nd grade will participate in a modified or Rookie Tackle format.  The format and rules will be agreed upon by a majority vote of the county board.



No player shall participate in practice or games until the flowing has been received by the area

2.1.1 Registration fee has been paid or waived by the area

2.1.2 A written medical release not more than 12 months old allowing for participation in sports activities

2.1.3 Proof of age, grade and residency.  Accepted forms of verification are school district student demographic documents containing all this information or copy of birth certificate, passport, government issued identification card report card and utility bill

2.1.4 The parent’s code of ethics is received

2.1.5 Release of liability is received

2.2    The player is equipped with certified equipment as approved by JYFA.

2.3    Areas using Electronic Registration may use electronic signature of acceptance of the parents Code of Ethics and the Release of Liability to satisfy receipt of the forms and proof of registration.

2.4    No player participating in a tackle football program (including school programs) other than JYFA is eligible for participation in JYFA.

2.4.1    Players found to be concurrently rostered to a JYFA team and participating in another football program shall be deemed illegal and Section 1 Rule 7 will apply.

2.5    A child who turns 15 prior to November 30th is ineligible to participate in the JMFA program.



3.1    Registration will be officially closed at the time of the county bracketing, with the following exceptions: (A player may be accepted after the County Bracketing meeting date if the following procedure is adhered to)

3.1.1    Area President/Director assigns the player to the team with the smallest roster in his/her area with the signed approval of the County President.

3.1.2    If the area has full rosters in the player’s age group, the player will go to the closest       geographical area with an opening on a roster in the player’s grade. See Section II, Rule 2.

3.1.3    The County President or his/her designee will perform weigh-in. A player cannot enter the program after the second game has been played by any team in the grade level (any division) in which that player will compete. Player cannot enter the program after the second regularly scheduled game has been played, e.g. a youth cannot enter the program during the playoffs only.



4.1    Area Presidents/Directors have prime responsibility to roster players on teams and to do so within the association rules in accordance with Rule 2 Player Requirements

4.2    Returning players should appear on their previous team’s roster.

4.3    No area registration forms can have a space for requesting a different coach or team for returning players.  For returning players wishing to change teams or new players to JYFA parents may designate their player as either a D1, D2 or D3 athlete.  The players will then be entered into the blind draft for their stated division request.  No guarantee of movement will be made to parents or players and there is no guarantee that the desired division will have a roster spot available.

4.4    May not add a player under the guise of the player’s relative being an assistant coach, unless it is a rookie team of any age.

4.5    Any parent, player, relative or coach who alters or modifies official documents such as birth certification, report cards, etc., in an attempt to play out of the player’s true grade will be suspended for one (1) calendar year. Re-entry into JYFA for those violations will require a majority vote of the JYFA Board.

4.6    Areas that have two or more 7th grade teams advancing into Seniors, may combine rosters to form a team if numbers are not sufficient to form two or more teams. Any combination of two or more rosters must be ratified by the county board by a majority vote. Any and all roster combination is subject to Rule 12 placement.  (Moved from rule 5 Official Rosters)



5.1    Rosters must list the players’ full legal name, complete home address, telephone number, birth date, age as of Oct 1st, high school articulation (private schools or “other” are not acceptable) and school grade level at the official weigh in. Player must weigh in with jersey showing players jersey number. Jersey number, weight, and height will be recorded at weigh in. If jersey is not available, player must have in hand his/her jersey number written on a blank paper to be weighed in.

5.2    The weight, height, jersey number and patch designation of each player will be recorded on the roster in ink at the time of the official weigh-in.

5.3    All 3rd – 8th grade players must reappear on their previous year’s roster unless the parent            has opted for the blind draft.

5.4    An official roster must be available at all games as well as an emergency contact list of     players

5.4.1    The official roster must be signed by the County Board, Area President/Director, and Head Coach in ink at the official weigh-in.

5.4.2    As part of the pre-game warm up and prior to the start of the game, the opposing head coaches or their designee will meet to review the official rosters as related to the patch players on each team. If it is found that any player required to have a patch does not, that player will not play until the patches are secured to their helmet

5.4.3    If an official roster is not presented, the game is played under protest until the roster is presented. If the roster is not present prior to the end of the game the team will forfeit and counted as a loss by the team unable to or refusing to present their official roster. In the case that neither team has their official roster by then end of the game, the game is counted as a loss for both teams. This rule will be administrated and enforced by the JMFA.  A roster can only be challenged before the beginning of a game.

5.5    Team Books shall have all documents required for player registration and eligibility.

5.6    The Team Book shall be turned for review at the time of weigh-in.  The team book will then be turned over to the area director or his or her designee

5.7    If a team wishes to challenge an opposing players eligibility they must do so on the JYFA play count sheet prior to kickoff, and in writing to their Area Director who will make formal request to the JYFA President.

5.7.1    The team with the challenged player shall deliver the Team Book to the JYFA President or his/her designee with-in 72 hours of the game where the challenge was made or immediately before a challenge weigh in.

5.7.2    Team Books contain sensitive information and as such no area director is required to present the book directly to the challenging team but is required to surrender it to the JYFA president or his/her designee at any time it is requested.

5.7.3    An official roster(s) will be made available to any and all JYFA Board of Directors, Area President/Director or County Representatives for review upon written request to the JYFA executive board and Area in question at any reasonable time. A copy of the official roster(s) will be submitted from the County and from the Area in question.



6.1    Establishment of 3rd grade teams is determined by JYFA geographical area with the recommendation to keep the number of players on each team in balance. Any player registering after the draft shall go to the team with the fewest players in the grade as stated in Section I Rule 6.

6.2    All new players and returning players wishing to change teams must be placed by draft when there is more than one team in a grade level.  Players may designate themselves as either D1, D2 or D3 athletes. 

6.3    3rd grade through 8th grade returning players must remain on the same team, this includes players who do not play for one year but wish to return unless they wish to transfer to another team in their area with county approval. Former JMFA players who have not played for two years or more are considered new players to be placed in the blind draft. See restrictions.

6.4    Players from another area must return to their home area. New players or those desiring to transfer to another team (after county approval) will be used to numerically balance out existing rosters or to form new teams.

6.5    Selection should be accomplished by players remaining unidentified with the exception of grade, backfield eligibility and requested division placement.  This constitutes a draft.

6.5.1    Draft Cards may contain the following information:   Grade    ‘P’ if the player is over the backfield limit in the age group   A random player identified # known only to those administrators conducting the draft.   High school identifier - Only if the area builds 3rd grade teams along high school          lines.    ‘D1', ‘D2’ or ‘D3’ - Only if the player has requested, in writing to the Area

Director.  This is for new and returning player

6.6    Draft Procedure may be done in one of the following ways as determined by the Area Board.      All age groups in the Area’s draft will be done the same way.

6.6.1    The team with the most returning players will select first, each team in the age group will make one pick in order, until rosters are full and all children have been selected.

6.6.2    The team with the worst record/seed will select first, each team in the age group will make one pick in order, until rosters are full and all children have been selected.

6.6.3    Rookie teams will select first, then the longest standing teams in order, each team in the age group will make one pick in order, until rosters are full and all children have been selected.

6.7    Information that may be given to individual coaches at the time of the draft - confidential and may not be shared with any other coach.

6.7.1    A ‘Do Not Pick List’ - given only if a parent has requested in writing to the Area Director that a child be moved from a team for personal reasons. The Area Director and the County President must approve and sign this request.

6.7.2    A ‘Recruit list’ of new players - Given if:   The coach has submitted a list of specific NEW players to his Area Director at least two (2) days prior to the draft; and   The parent has confirmed in writing to the Area that the child has been recruited.

6.8    No child is guaranteed placement on any particular team regardless of any recruiting or draft requests. Each area must give notice of the date, time, and place of any impending draft to the JYFA president, with a minimum of five (5) days’ notice, so as to allow a JYFA officer(s) (not affiliated with the area conducting the draft) to be in attendance for purposes of monitoring the draft as deemed necessary. Players not rostered by areas will be placed on a county-wide waiting list and placed as needed.



6.9.1    A. No coach may recruit returning JYFA players.

6.9.2    B. No coach may recruit players from other teams or areas.

6.9.3     No coach may select a player before the draft or official rostering.

6.9.4    No coach may take part in team assignments.

6.9.5    No player may choose a team assignment.

6.9.6    No player may be placed on a predetermined team.

6.10   Recruiting: Coaches may recruit new players to their specific team. (New players are defined as any player who has not been rostered on a JYFA roster for 2 years.) Placement of recruited player must be accomplished through the draft and teams must remain balanced.  Area directors must set the number of recruits each team is allowed prior to the draft as determined by the overall numbers and the requirement to maintain balanced numbers on teams.

6.10.Example: Area has 3 teams in 4th grade with a total of 66 players in the age group. The Area has determined prior to Draft that each team will have 22 players. Team A has 19 returning players, team B has 14 returning players and Team C is a rookie team. All players shall be placed in the blind draft, if a Team has "recruits" the Area may provide the coach with a “Recruit List” but cannot guarantee placement.



7.1    If an ineligible and/or illegal player is discovered to be playing or has played on a team, the following process must be completed and disciplinary actions carried out.

7.2    The player shall not be allowed to participate in JYFA scheduled games from the time of discovery until process is completed or until the issues of eligibility are resolved, whichever          occurs first.

7.2.1    The head coach of the team is directly responsible for his/her players and as such disciplinary actions will be directed at him.

7.2.2    The player and his family know the requirements of eligibility and as such disciplinary action will be directed at them.

7.3    A disciplinary hearing will be called and held by JYFA members prior to the team’s next scheduled game to hear the facts of the case and render a decision concerning eligibility and determine disciplinary action for the head coach, player, and/or board member.

7.4    The disciplinary actions are as follows:

7.5    Coach:

7.5.1    First Offense: If the head coach has knowingly played an ineligible and/or illegal player said coach would be suspended for the next scheduled game (JYFA post-season play included) and any games the player had played will be forfeited.

7.5.2    Second Offense: Three (3) game suspension and warning of dismissal from the program as a whole.

7.5.3    Third Offense: Dismissal from the program, can reapply the next season only through an official meeting of JYFA members.


7.6    Player:

7.6.1    Suspended for the season. All games he/she played in will be forfeited.


7.7    Board Member:

7.7.1    If a board member knowingly entered an illegal/ineligible player, he/she will be suspended for that year.

7.8    The above rule and hearing shall be done in a timely manner and is comprehensive, e.g, the coach and the player are both disciplined, one is not exclusive of the other, if the JYFA board finds sufficient proof to direct disciplinary action. An area should remain free to hear and discipline their own individual cases prior to them reaching the JYFA level.



8.1    Backfield limitations shall be as follows

3rd grade, 85 lbs.

4th grade, 95 lbs.

5th grade, 105 lbs.

6th grade, 120 lbs.

7th grade, No backfield weight limitations

8th grade No backfield weight limitations.


8.2    All players whose weight as entered on the official JMFA roster exceeds the backfield limit          for the players’ age group by .01 lbs shall be designated a patch player.

8.3    A patch player shall be designated with two (2) 1-inch diameter stickers with the JMFA logo in a bright neon green color. Placement of these stickers will be on the sides of player’s helmet behind and slightly below the ear hole.


8.4    Patch players are allowed to:

8.4.1    Play as an offensive or defensive lineman on the Line of Scrimmage (LOS).

8.4.2    Play as a tight end or wide receiver on the LOS and receive a forward pass thrown beyond        the LOS.

8.4.3    Run with the ball after having intercepted a pass that was thrown by the opposing offense.

8.4.4    Line up in the offensive backfield for the purpose of being the kicker of a punt, extra point attempt, field goal, or holder of extra point or field goal. In the event of a muffed snap, the patch player may cover the ball, or block to protect the holder.

8.4.5    Perform a kick-off or free kick following a safety or line up at any position on a kick-off or free kick.

8.4.6    Play on the front line on a kick-off return and may advance the football if receiving on onside kick.

8.5    Patch Players are NOT allowed to:

8.5.1    Line up in an offensive or defensive backfield position except as defined in Paragraph B above. Patch players are not allowed to retreat upon the snap or during the play into a           typical linebacker or defensive back position. Note: Patch players are allowed to chase a         ball carrier downfield.

8.5.2    Line up in a linebacker position.

8.5.3    Hand off, run, pass or receive a pass when lined up in the offensive backfield to perform a        kick.

8.5.4    Be a part of a fake play when lined up in the offensive backfield to perform a kick.

8.5.5    Play a position on the kick-off receiving team except the front line.

8.5.6    Take a hand-off in the offensive backfield for an end around play when the patch player is playing a tight end or receiver position.

8.6    Any violation of the rule pertaining to a patch player shall be an unsportsmanlike penalty.

Repeated violation of the rule shall be grounds for the expulsion of the player and/or coach as it is unsportsmanlike conduct. There are no backfield limitations for the senior teams.


9     WEIGH-IN

9.1    All Players must attend their Official Area Weigh-in to be eligible to participate in JYFA.

All age groups who are subject to a backfield weight limit must weigh in.  Age groups/grades without backfield limits are not required to weigh in but must instead submit a photo clearly displaying each player on the official roster in uniform wearing their official roster number.  The individual or team photo must be presented with the completed roster and team book at the time and place of the area official weigh in by the team manager or head coach.

9.1.1    If any player will not be available for their scheduled weigh-in date, it is the responsibility of the Head Coach to notify the Area Director who will make arrangements with another Area President to weigh the player prior to the Official Area Weigh-in at a time and location determined by the that Area Director.

9.1.2    Players who miss weigh-in due to illness or family emergency and supported by documentation of illness or emergency will be weighed in by the JYFA President or his/her designee at a time and location determined by JYFA.

9.1.3    Teams must have their Team Book at weigh-in and the book must be complete.   Failure to present the team book at Weigh-in may result in a suspension of the head coach and possible disciplinary action directed at the Area.

9.1.4    The weigh-in shall be in accordance with JYFA approved guidelines, which shall be provided to all area board members on or before the last meeting preceding the official weigh-in. TO CLARIFY, PLAYER WEIGHING .01 POUNDS OR MORE ABOVE WEIGHT LIMIT WILL BE DESIGNATED AS PATCH.

9.1.5    Each area must conduct its weigh-in in conjunction with at least one other JMFA area.

9.1.6    Each weigh-in must be monitored by a JYFA representative appointed by the JMFA President and not affiliated (past or present) with the areas conducting the weigh-in.

9.1.7    Each area must insure that their official JMFA rosters for the previous season are present at their weigh-ins for review by the other participating areas and the JMFA appointed monitor for the weigh-in.

9.1.8    Any change to the date/time/location of a weigh-in must be communicated to the JYFA President with a minimum of five (5) business days’ notice, so as to allow a JYFA representative to be in attendance.

9.1.9    Team or individual photos of each player are not required to be in the team book however the JYFA executive board reserves the right to request and receive a current (two years or less) photo of any player whose identity or eligibility to participate is in question. This may be any number of school or government forms of photo ID in addition to a team or individual photo. Failure to produce these documents will result in game forfeiture and head coach suspensions of up to one year.



10.1   JYFA is opposed to sweating a child down to make weight. It is unhealthy for a child to lose significant body weight. Patch limits are in place to protect the smaller children from injury due to significant weight differentials.

10.2   To discourage coaches and parents from sweating down a child, each coach will be given three (3) player challenges per season.

10.3   A challenge must be filed prior to the end of a game and if the player in question plays in the backfield and is determined by re-weigh to be more than 10% over their weigh-in weight, the game will be forfeited.

10.4   If a challenge is filed, the player in question will be re-weighed by a county official and will be given no more than 24 hours’ notice of re-weigh.

10.5   Time and place of re-weigh will be determined by county official and shall take place no more than 72 hours after challenge.

10.6   This is not to exclude challenges filed midweek prior to a game.   Note: A Coach of the team filing a Challenge must attend the re-weigh.

10.7   A player who does not comply will be automatically patched. Any player found to weigh 10% over their weigh-in weight and over the weight limit in their age group will be patched for the remainder of the season.



11.1   All Players are required to play within the area where they reside or attend school unless a waiver has been approved.  This is hereafter known as a player’s “Home” area.  Home area is also defined as participation in an association for two (2) or more seasons outside residence or school attendance. 

11.1.Any returning player requesting a waiver out of their defined home area (11.1) will be allowed

one move within JYFA away from their home area during their career without penalty.  Any further movement will result in a three (3) game delayed start for that player unless returning to their original home area.  This does not apply to “New” players to JYFA or players residing in an area outside JYFA association boundaries. 

11.2   ALL WAIVER FORMS MUST BE SIGNED BY BOTH AREA PRESIDENTS INVOLVED AND APPROVED BY THE COUNTY PRESIDENT.  All appeals to a penalty must be given to JMFA in writing with supporting documentation prior to bracketing for that season.  The JYFA executive board may allow or deny any waiver at their discretion

11.2.If the President of the Area that the child wishes to move from refuses to grant the waiver, the accepting area may ask the JYFA Executive Board to approve the waiver without said directors signature,

11.3   All players waived to another area must go into the blind draft, the only team in that grade or to the team with the smallest roster on the date of the waiver.

11.3.1  A player may request a certain division but will be drafted or placed following JYFA rules.


11.5   Players living in isolated areas immediately adjacent to Jefferson County where no program is available may apply through the County Board for permission to play in the JYFA program.

11.Current JYFA players participating in off season play such as but not limited to          spring leagues, post season tournament teams, FBU or equivalent all-star teams    that are coached by someone other than their JYFA coach will not be allowed to    waiver onto the off-season coaches JYFA team.



12.1   The area boundaries as set forth below, may be adjusted from time to time at the discretion of the County Board by a simple majority vote of the voting membership.

12.2   All JYFA Areas are defined by High School Articulation.  Any player living in a HS articulation outside of the area and wishes to play must have a JYFA approved waiver prior to roster placement.

12.2.1           Alameda – Alameda High School

12.2.2           Arvada – Arvada High School, Arvada West High School, Pomona High School,  Ralston Valley High School, Faith Christian (must show proof of enrollment in)

12.2.3           Bear Creek – Bear Creek High School, D'Evelyn High School, Colorado Academy  (must show proof of enrollment in Denison, D’Evelyn, or Colorado Academy),   Option with Southwest - Kennedy High School

12.2.4           Brighton – Brighton High School

12.2.5           Broomfield Blitz – Broomfield High School, Holy Family High School, Legacy High School

12.2.6           Dakota Ridge – Dakota Ridge High School

12.2.7           Denver West   - Denver West High School

12.2.8           Englewood – Englewood High School

12.2.9           Golden – Golden High School

12.2.10         Green Mountain – Green Mountain High School

12.2.11         Lakewood – Lakewood High School, Jeffco Open School, Option with Wheat Ridge –  Jefferson High School

12.2.12         Mountain – Evergreen High School, Conifer High School, Clear Creek High School,  Platte Canyon High School

12.2.13         North East -  Montbello High School

12.2.14         North Metro – Thornton High School, Mountain Range High School, Horizon  High School, & Skyview High School

12.2.15         Rocky Mountain - Prairie View High school, District 14

12.2.16         South West – Littleton High School, Heritage High School, Arapahoe High School,  Lincoln High School, Sheridan High School, Option with Bear Creek - Kennedy High School

12.2.17         Westminster – Standley Lake High School, Westminster High School

12.2.18         Wheat Ridge – Wheat Ridge High School, North High School, Jefferson High School option with Lakewood, 

12.3   OPTION AREAS:  Youths living in option areas that have never participated in the JMFA program, may choose one of the option areas as their home area. Once he/she has placed for that area, it will be considered their home area.



13.1   All Coaches (Head and Assistant), Team Managers and Team Mom’s, must consent to and pass a background check.

13.Coaches are selected by the Area President/Director 

13.Coaches are required to conduct themselves in accordance with both the NFHS and JYFA          Coaches Code of Ethics at all times.

13.3.All Coaches, Team Managers and Team Moms are subject to disciplinary action by his or her area and/or by the JYFA board of directors if said coach’s actions or behavior are determined to be detrimental to the Players, Officials, Spectators, the Area or the JMFA.

13.3.Possible disciplinary actions may include:


13.3.2.Suspension for 1 or more games

13.3.2.Suspension for the balance of the season

13.3.2.Suspension for 365 days from the date of infraction

13.3.2.Dismissal from the program

13.Coach Ejections

13.4.Any coach who is ejected during a contest will be suspended for the next two games and will be fined $100 by JYFA. The JYFA executive board reserves the right to also require an online or in person coaching education course to be completed in order to return to coaching. A second ejection in a season will result in a three game suspension and will be fined $250 by JYFA. All fines will be payable to JYFA by the next contest the coach is allowed to participate in.  No coach may return until fines are received by JYFA.  Any third ejection in a career is a one year (365 days) ban from coaching in JYFA.  No appeals process will be allowed



The function of a coach is to educate students through participation in interscholastic competition. An interscholastic program should be designed to enhance academic achievement and should never interfere with opportunities for academic success. Each student-athlete should be treated as though he or she were the coaches’ own, and his or her welfare should be uppermost at all times. Accordingly, the following guidelines for coaches have been adopted by the NFCA Board of Directors.

The coach shall be aware that he or she has a tremendous influence, for either good or ill, on the education of the student-athlete and, thus, shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.

The coach shall uphold the honor and dignity of the profession. In all personal contact with student- athletes, officials, athletic directors, school administrators, the state high school athletic association, the media, and the public, the coach shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct.

The coach shall take an active role in the prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse.

The coach shall avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco products when in contact with players.

The coach shall promote the entire interscholastic program of the school and direct his or her program in harmony with the total school program.

The coach shall master the contest rules and shall teach them to his or her team members.

The coach shall not seek an advantage by circumvention of the spirit or letter of the rules.

The coach shall exert his or her influence to enhance sportsmanship by spectators, both directly and by working closely with cheerleaders, pep club sponsors, booster clubs, and administrators.

The coach shall respect and support contest officials. The coach shall not indulge in conduct which would incite players or spectators against the officials. Public criticism of officials or players is unethical.

Before and after contests, coaches for the competing teams should meet and exchange cordial greetings to set the correct tone for the event.

A coach shall not exert pressure on faculty members to give student-athletes special consideration.

A coach shall not scout opponents by any means other than those adopted by the league and/or state high school athletic association.



All JMFA football coaches must realize the game is played for the benefit of the participants. An emphasis will be placed on developing lifelong values. Coaches are role models and will set positive examples for players, parents, and spectators. The Code of Ethics has been developed to stress operating within specific coaching guidelines that brings credit to the team and JMFA.

Article One - Responsibilities to Players

    A coach must be aware of the influence he has on his players. All actions are expected to follow the rules of proper sportsmanship and respect the dignity of his players and the opposition.

    All coaching techniques and decisions will be within the rules of the game. Every effort must be made to abide by high principles that promote mutual respect between the coach and his players.

    It is in the best interest of all for the coach to consult trained medical personnel when injuries take place. The orders of the physician or certified athletic trainer must be followed.

    Medication and treatment should be administered only with the direction of a physician or trained medical personnel.

    All coaches are expected to know eligibility rules and apply them uniformly.

    Prime consideration must be given to the academic performance of the players.

Article Two - Responsibility to JYFA

    The primary function of the coach is to educate players through participation in the game of football.

    A coach is a representative of JYFA and is expected to conduct himself in a manner that brings credit to the organization.

    All football players are expected to follow school policies and will be reminded by the coach to seek academic success.

    The coach must be sensitive to the fact that he is responsible for promoting a positive image for the program in the district.

Article Three - Rules of the Game

    The rules and suggestions in the CHSAA Rule Book and JYFA Rules are an integral part of the code and must be followed.

    Every coach has a responsibility to know the rules and to teach them to his players.

    The coach will promote sportsmanship and respect for the opponent through teaching proper techniques.

    Proper blocking, tackling, alignment, use of the clock, etc. will be promoted through maintaining high ethical standards in practice and games.

    Coaches should stress that on field communication should be between teammates only.

    Good sportsmanship habits are formed on the practice field. The coach will provide direction to guarantee that proper standards are followed at all times.

Article Four - Officials

    Officials will have the respect and support of the coaches and players. Comments during and after the game must focus on the players.

    Coaches and officials are required to attend JYFA Rules Interpretation Meetings and stay informed on rule changes. Players should be made aware how rules are interpreted.

    Officials should be treated in a courteous manner. Concerns about officials should be expressed to the JYFA in writing.

    Quick decisions must be made during games and officials will make the best decision at the time.

Article Five - Public Relations

    Use courtesy, honesty, and respect in all dealings.

    Professional, school, and family matters must be kept private.

    Comments about upcoming games should be limited to promoting the contest.

    Coaches will maintain a level of professionalism that will transcend any reference to predicting outcomes.

Article Six - Scouting

    It is considered ethical to scout opponents only during games or agreed upon scrimmages. The head coach is responsible for the actions of his scouts.

    Video scouting is acceptable as long as it is done from the stands and or sidelines from goal line to goal line.

Article Seven - Other Responsibilities

    Before and after the game opposing coaches should meet and exchange greetings.

    Coaches should help to improve sportsmanship

    The coach should limit his comments about the game to members of his team and encourage his players to do the same.

    It is ethical to limit all rewards, celebrations, etc. to the team and to respect the dignity of the opponent.

    The coach must follow all rules and regulations as determined by JMFA policy.




  8. CAMPS



14.1  All areas will have available the pre-bracketing rosters with all registered players assigned           to a team at the JYFA bracketing meeting. 

14.1.1           Failure to provide rosters will result in the forfeiture of all votes that occurred during                   the bracketing meeting.

14.2              For season bracketing described in 14.3 all areas will be responsible for assigning                         teams in the area’s designated seeds.

14.2.1           If a team disbands and the area is unable to replace all designated seeds, the area                       will slot an area team in the highest seed first and drop their lowest seeded slot. 

14.2.2           The area director may replace their lowest seed (only after filling top seeds) with a rookie team built with a roster of 25% or less returning athletes. The rookie roster will be frozen to returning players at bracketing.  

14.3  In the initial season, all teams will be ranked from 1 – n, where “n” is the last ranked team          in each age group.  The team ranked number one will be the Carnation Bowl winner in the highest division/pool from the previous season.   The second team will be the carnation   bowl runner up in the highest division/pools from the previous season.  All other teams will        be ranked based on the strength of schedule and their results from the previous season; to   include the playoffs. 

14.3.1  JYFA will divide all teams into a pool.

14.4  Each team will be scheduled to play teams within their pool with the majority of their      games played against the eight teams in their bracket.

14.6  For Playoff seeding, each team’s regular season win total divided by the regular season   strength of schedule to create a “power ranking”.  The power ranking will determine the        seeding for the playoffs.

14.6.1  Any team finish without a win will be awarded the win total of 0.5 to divide by their                    strength of schedule number of to determine their power ranking.

14.7  At the conclusion of the season (after Carnation Bowl) all teams will be ranked based upon             regular season wins and, or playoff results, as some teams may not make the playoffs. This         will determine the seeding for the next season

14.7.1  In the event there is more than one pool for an age group the bottom two teams of                    the top pool will move down and the top two teams for the bottom pool will move                  up for bracketing of the next season.   



15.1 The season shall begin “0” Week for all teams

15.2     “0” Week is determined as 13 weekends before Thanksgiving of that year.

15.3     All teams will be scheduled to play 8 regular season games.  

15.4     No team may make scheduling requests.

15.4.1           Games will be played as scheduled; all reschedules will be done by the JYFA scheduler. A coach may NOT reschedule a game. Schedule requests may be made by the Area Director to JYFA at the bracketing meeting but no guarantee of accommodation will be made. Any request made after the official schedule is released will not be accepted.

15.5     No team may make schedule changes

15.6  Fields are rented from local Recreation departments and schools and closure of fields is determined by those entities.

15.7   When weather conditions dictate the closure of fields every effort will be made to reschedule effected games.

15.7.1           Games may be rescheduled to weeknights when space and lights are available.

15.7.2           Games may be moved to Sunday

15.7.3           When more games are affected than there is space available to complete all scheduled games the season may be “pushed” 1 week.        “Pushing” the season means that the schedule is delayed by one week. i.e. When Week 5 games are cancelled due to field closure all Week 5 games will be played the following weekend and all following games are then pushed out 1 week, including post season and Carnation Bowl.        In the case when more than 1 weekend of play is affected and the season has already been “pushed” the games will be deleted from the schedule and post season bracketing will be done based on games played.



16.1  All teams will be ranked using the end of regular season power rankings. 

16.1.1           Power rankings equal the number of wins divided by the strength of schedule.  

16.1.2           To make it easier to read, the results will be multiplied by 100 for final posting.

16.1.3           In the event of a tie the scheduler will refer to the tie-breakers in rule 17. 

16.2  Up to the top 28 teams in each age group will be bracketed into three pools of 8 teams and        one pool of 4 teams for the playoffs. They will be listed in order by their power ranking.

16.2.1           Pool 1 will consist of the top eight teams.  1 vs 8; 2 vs 7; 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5. 

16.2.2           Pool 2 will consist of teams 9-16.  9 vs 16; 10 vs 15; 11 vs 14 and 12 vs 13.

16.2.3.          Pool 3 will consist of teams 17-24. 17 vs 24; 18 vs 23; 19 vs 22; 20 vs 21. 

16.2.4           Pool 4 will consist of teams 25-28.  25 vs 28; 26 vs 27.

Note: Pools in reverse order will be dropped when there are not enough teams in an age group to fill a completed playoff bracket in accordance to the above. 



17.Head-to-head match up

17.Conference Record

17.2.If there are an uneven number of conference games played by each team the tem with the most losses will be removed from consideration.

17.Points allowed v. common opponents

17.Total points allowed

17.California Play-off

17.5.1     The highest-level tiebreaker that applies to all/remaining teams should be applied.

17.5.2     If all teams have not played Head-to-head, then conference record should be used to exclude teams from the tie.

17.5.3     The remaining teams will then be seeded using Head-to-head.

17.5.4     If remaining teams have not played Head-to-head and Conference Record does not produce a clear winner or loser, then points allowed versus common opponent should be used to exclude teams from the tie and elevate one team to the first available seed.

17.5.5     The remaining teams will then be seeded using Head-to-head if possible or the cycle will repeat.

17.5.6     If, and only if, no other higher-level tie breaker can be applied to remaining teams, a California Play-off will be played.

17.5.7     Forfeits will not be factored into points allowed v. common opponents or total points allowed.

17.5.7.If a forfeit offers any team an advantage or disadvantage in points tie the Forfeit should be neutralized to calculate 17.3 and 17.4 by calculating the teams average points per game and adding that number to the total points allowed. If a tie remains move to tiebreaker 17.5.

17.5.7.California Play-Off will not be used to determine seeding positions. The team with the most completed games will receive the higher seed.


17.6.1     Teams A, B, C are all tied for 7th place at 4-4, A is 3-3 in Conference, B is 4-3 in Conference, C is 3-3 in Conference.        A – Beat B, Lost to C        B – Beat C, Lost to A        C – Beat A, Lost to B        Head-to-head is a circle so conference record is used and B becomes the 7th seed. Now Head- to-head resolves the remaining tie between A & C. C is 8th and A is 9th.

17.6.2     Teams A, B, C, D are all tied for 6th place at 4-4, A is 4-3 in Conference, B is 4-3 in Conference, C is 4-3 in Conference, D is 4-3 in Conference.        A – Beat B, Lost to C, Did NOT play D        B – Beat C, Lost to A and D        C – Beat A, Lost to B and D        D – Beat B & C, Did NOT play A        Head-to-head is not used yet because they did not all play each other so conference record is used and the tie remains. So Points allowed v Common Opponents is used        A – Allowed 88        B – Allowed 79        C – Allowed 91        D – Allowed 93            B wins the 6th seed, we must stay with Points because D did not play A, so A wins the 7th seed. Now we return to Head-to-head and D wins the 8th seed, C- is the 9th seed. Now Head- to-head resolves the remaining tie between A & C. C is 8th and A is 9th.



18.1   A playing period is hereby defined as a practice or a game in which one or more players are engaged in organized instruction or play or practice of play.

18.1.1     Each 60 yard field team is limited to four (4) playing periods a week,        Each 60 yard field teams shall have no more than three (3) contact practices, plus one (1) game per week.

18.1.2     Each 100 yard field team is limited to a maximum of five (5) playing periods per week.        Each 100 yard field team shall have no more than four (4) contact practices, plus one (1) game per week.

18.2       A week is defined as Monday through Sunday.

18.2.1     No team may practice OR PLAY on Sunday, EXCEPT AS PROVIDED BELOW.        Infraction of this rule will result in the head coach being suspended from all JMFA activity for a period of one (1) calendar year.        There will be exceptions made to the Sunday rule when a game must be rescheduled due to weather postponement and in the case of playoff or championship rules.        EXCEPTIONS TO THE SUNDAY RULE MAY ALSO BE GRANTED IF A TEAM WHO WISHES TO PARTICIPATE IN AN EVENT OBTAINS APPROVAL OF THE JMFA BOARD TO PARTICIPATE IN SUCH EVENT. IN SUCH INSTANCES, EXCEPTIONS TO THE PLAY PERIOD LIMIT RULES MAY ALSO BE GRANTED BY THE JMFA BOARD.

18.2.2     During the playoffs and championship weeks teams may have unlimited practice days with a 2- hour practice limit per day Monday through Saturday.



19.1       JYFA Teams will be allowed to hold two one-hour non-contact volunteer practices a week   starting on July 1st

19.1.1     Only players who were rostered on the coaches roster the previous season and have already registered and indicated that they are returning to that team will be allowed to participate in the volunteer practices.  

19.1.2     No assistant coach will be allowed to host the practice in lieu of the head coach nor will any player not assigned to the coach be allowed to participate in anticipation of being drafted by the team. All new players to the team must wait until the official start of the new season.

19.1.3     Each team hosting volunteer practices will be required to report those practices to their area director who will provide a list of teams participating to JYFA Director.

19.1.4     Players who chose not to participate during the volunteer practice will NOT be disciplined on any level by the teams coaching staff.

19.1.5     Players who participate in four or more consecutive practices will have their three non-contact practices fulfilled.

19.1.6     Infraction of this rule will result in the head coach being suspended from all JYFA activity for a period of one (1) calendar year.

19.1.7     The first day of official practice shall be designated by the county President.

19.1.8     The first 3 days of practice for all players, regardless of date of entry to the JYFA program, shall consist of conditioning and non-contact practice.    Non-contact is defined as no physical contact: player to player or player to coach  For the first 3 days of practice players are to wear helmets, cleats, t-shirts, and shorts only, no shoulder pads or leg pads.  This rule is waived for players who participated in four consecutive volunteer practices.. 

19.1.9     Contact practice shall begin in accordance with those procedures as indicated above. 

19.1.10   A week of practice is defined and must consist of a minimum of three 90-minute sessions.      All JYFA players must participate in at least three (3) non-contact practice sessions and at least three (3) contact practices sessions before participating in any game session.


19.2  Spring Play (Flag)

           JYFA teams, players and coaches may participate in a JYFA sanctioned or organized spring flag football league.  The season would occur March 1st through June 30th with specific start and end dates determined by the JYFA executive board.  Players may participate on any team in any area during flag season but must return to their respective tackle teams for the fall season. (see rule 11.9) Divisions and age/grade of teams to be determined by the board.  Rules and length of play to be determined by the board.  JYFA will schedule games and officials for the games.  Assessments will be collected from each area per team.



20.1   Every effort will be made to schedule playoff games on the same field in any grade and division and to schedule the start of those games at or after 11:00 a.m. when and where field availability permits.

20.2   From time to time, it may be necessary and therefore allowable to schedule games on separate fields and at times earlier than proscribed.

20.Games may be played on Sundays when deemed necessary by the JYFA board.

20.4   The Carnation Bowl shall be scheduled by the JYFA board for the 12th weekend following the 1st scheduled games of the season, with a ‘fall back date’ of the 13th weekend, not to conflict with the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving, when completion of the season is hindered by weather or other unforeseen and uncontrollable factors.

20.No division, grade, or team shall be given priority treatment in the scheduling of the        Carnation Bowl.

20.Games shall begin at 5pm Friday and 8 am Saturday and Sunday (as permitted)

20.6.Every effort will be made to schedule the Carnation Bowl in a stadium.     In the event that no stadium is available, the JYFA will determine the most appropriate venue to conduct the championship game.     The JYFA board shall determine annually the necessity to charge a nominal admission fee to all spectators of the Carnation Bowl.

20.7    Friday, Saturday, Sunday Determination

20.7.The DAY of play will be determined by the JYFA EXECUTIVE BOARD based on stadium availability and ease of completion of the games

20.7.When possible Friday night games will be scheduled and the teams/grade/division scheduled to play on Friday night shall be determined by the JMFA EXECUTIVE board.


21 Camps

21.1  Camps are defined as an official league or area function offered to all JYFA athletes during          the off-season.  Organizers and participants will teach football skills and drills that      encourage proper technique and safety.

21.1.1  All camps will be open up to more than one age group.

21.1.2 All camps must have participants from more than one JYFA football team. 

21.2    JYFA Camps are defined into three categories.

21.2.1  Independent Camp - A camp hosted by an independent party without any ties to JYFA members. Funds for independent camps are not provided to JYFA members. These camps are generally hosted by local or national coaches/organizers (such as area high schools).     Organizers will contact JYFA or area coordinators directly for approval to advertise through local area or JYFA websites.

21.2.2    JYFA Non-Contact Camp A camp organized by JYFA participants consisting of drills and activities that do not require protective equipment.     JYFA non-contact camps are organized by JYFA participants and will be approved by the area board.     Organizers must present a camp plan to the area board for approval.     Once approved by the area board the camp plan will be presented to JYFA board for final approval. 

21.2.3  JYFA Contact Camp – A camp organized by JYFA participants which requires protective equipment.     Contact camps organized by JMFA members will be approved by the area board.     The organizer must present a camp plan to the area board.     Once approved by the area board the camp plan will be presented to the JMFA board for final approval. 

21.3  Camp plans will include the below:

21.3.1 The purpose of the camp.

21.3.2  Beginning and ending dates for the camp.

21.3.3  Location of the camp.

21.3.4  A defined registration process.

21.3.5  Camp activities to include method for teaching specific drills and activities accurately and safely.

21.3.7        Coaches and participants expected conduct during the camp.        No coach will be able to coach their entire fall JYFA team.     Due to the nature of the camp and limitations of volunteers to help with camp, there may be situations where a coach will be responsible for players from their JYFA team, but at no time will the design of the camp allow coaches to be responsible or their entire fall team.

21.3.8  Minimally each camp will be advertised on area websites for at least two weeks in advance of the camp. 

21.3.9    Each camp will have proof of insurance.     Area sanctioned camps should be covered by the area’s insurance.     Non-area sanctioned camps will need to find their own insurance. 

21.4  An accurate accounting of any all funds earned during the camp must be kept by the camp             organizer and will be provided to the local area or JYFA president upon request. 

21.5  Any violation of this rule - to include failing to seek approval in advance of the camp - will            be considered a failure to adhere to the camp rules.  Failure to adhere to camp rules will      result in the contact with players to be considered an illegal practice.   Participants of an           illegal practice will be subject to a one year suspension in accordance to rule 19.1. 



  1. SIZE



22.1   The playing field for 3rd - 5th grade shall be 60 yards long and 40 yards wide, plus end zone 10 yards behind the goal lines, making the total area within the lines 80 yards by 40 yards.

22.2   The playing field for 6th - 8th grade teams will be the official high school size, marked in accordance with the high school rules.


23.1   The 60-yard field

23.1.Shall be properly marked and designated at 10-yard intervals and also with 25-yard lines.

23.1.There shall be inbound marks 40 feet in from each sideline.

23.1.On the 60-yard field the box will extend from the 20-yard lines in

23.2 The 100-yard field

23.2.Shall be marked in accordance with official high school rules.

23.2.2 On the 100-yard field the box will extend from the 25-yard lines in.

23.3   Spectators’ boundary lines should be a minimum of three (3) yards out from the sidelines and designated by ropes, painted lines or burned lines.

23.Colored flags or sideline markers will be used as corner markers

23.Sideline markers will be used every 10 yards on at least one side of the playing field.

23.All side-line and corner markers shall conform to JMFA requirements.

23.7   The players box shall be at least three yards deep (if there is not reasonable room to accomplish this the area will determine the depth of the box) and be clearly marked on both sides of the fields.

23.A clearly marked spectator boundary shall be provided on all fields

23.8.It is the responsibility of the Area Field Representative and Team Manager to keep spectators behind the boundary.



24.1   3rd - 5th grade teams

24.1.Shall have goal posts placed seven (7) yards behind the goal lines.

24.1.If goal posts are not seven (7) yards deep on the playing field and the goal posts are placed at the back of the end zone, then the field will be played (as is) since the field is the same for both teams. The ball for all extra points will be placed on the 3-yard line. This will be discussed during the pre-game meeting with both coaches and officials.

24.1.Size and spacing of posts shall be 15 feet apart with the top of the crossbar nine (9) feet above the ground.


24.2   6th, 7th and 8th grade teams

24.2.The high school rules apply.

24.All goal post vertical sections must be padded.



25.The host area shall furnish the down box, 10-yard chain and field setup.

25.The home team will furnish the stop clock for 7th and 8th grade teams.

25.The home team will furnish two qualified adults for the down box;

25.The visiting team shall furnish one qualified adult for the down box.

25.Each team will provide the game ball when playing offense.

25.6   The home team shall furnish down box at neutral fields when notified one week in advance that down box will not be provided since there is no home area.



26.The home team shall have a choice of sideline.

26.1.During the playoffs, if there is not a designated home team, the team with the best overall record shall have a choice of sidelines.

26.1.During the playoffs, if both teams have the same record, choice of sideline shall be determined by coin flip.



27.1   Refer to the following documents: NFHS Official Rules, JYFA Coaches Code of Ethics, JYFA Parents Code of Ethics.

27.1.There is no tobacco use of any kind allowed on JYFA fields.

27.1.There is no alcohol or marijuana use allowed on JYFA fields.

27.1.Spectators shall remain behind the spectator boundary at all times.

27.1.Berating or verbally abusing officials, players, coaches or spectators is unacceptable and will result in ejection from the facility and suspension the following week at a minimum. Longer suspensions may be levied by the JYFA executive board.




  5. A-GAP
  11. CLEATS



28.1   Where applicable and with changes and additions listed herein, the official rules will be the rules of the National Federal State High School Athletic Association, referred to in these rules and regulations as “Official high school rules”.



29.TWO paid officials are assigned for the 60 yard field games.

28.1.The game may be played with only one official.

28.2 THREE or FOUR paid officials will be supplied for the 100 yard field games.

28.2.1 The game may be played with only two officials.

28.3   JMFA shall make every effort to meet this expectation, however the number of available officials is beyond the control of the association and as such some fields may have only the minimum number of officials.



  1. Each game shall consist of four (4) quarters.

30.1.1      Each quarter shall consist of 20 plays for 2nd - 4th grades

30.1.2       24 plays for 5th grade, without regard to the actual time involved.     All plays count for 60 yard field games except for the last 5 plays of regulation or overtime.  PAT attempts and accepted penalties will not count during these times.     The Mercy Rule will become effective at any point in the game when the disparity in the score is 40 points or greater for 100-yard fields.  No 60 yard mercy rule.     If at any time the deficit narrows to less than 24 points, normal game rules apply.

30.1.100 yard field games games shall consist of four (4) 10-minute quarters in accordance         with NHSF Sub Varsity timing.

30.1.Three (3) time-outs per half will be permitted for the 2nd – 5th grade teams.

30.1.Official high school rules will apply for the 100-yard teams.

30.2   After the first half, if the score disparity exceeds 60 points or greater during the game for 100- yard fields and 40 points or greater for 60-yards fields, the referee will call the official game and freeze the points on the score board as the official score.

30.2.With the referees still officiating, play will continue as a scrimmage but in an unofficial scoring capacity.



30.1  For the games on 60-yard fields

30.1.1  Kickoff - 25-yard line;

30.1.2  Safety and touchbacks - 12 yard line;

30.1.3  Try for points - 2 yard line.

30.2  For games on 100-yard fields NHSF rules will apply


   33     3rd Grade FREE PUNT

33.JYFA teams playing 3rd grade football can declare a free punt on 4th down.

33.The coach on the field for the offensive team may declare a free punt.

33.2.Once a punt is declared, the official will move the ball 15 yards forward from the line of scrimmage, where the opposing team will take over possession with a first down

33.2.The Play will NOT count towards any player’s mandatory minimum plays.



34.For grades 3rd thru 8th

34.1.Two (2) points shall be scored for a successful kick or drop kick after touchdown;

34.1.One point shall be scored for any other successful play after touchdown.

34.2   If there is a tie at the end of a scheduled game (including regular season, playoff and championship games), the tie will be resolved by the 10-yard overtime procedure used in high school.


34.2.1   OVERTIME PROCEDURE.     Each team having an offensive possession of the ball from the ten (10) yard line.     A coin flip will determine which team is to receive the first possession.     Each team will have four downs to score. Scoring will follow regulation games rules, including extra points.     At the conclusion of an overtime round if the game is still tied, another overtime round will be played.        During the regular season the game will end in a tie if the score is still tied after the completion of two (2) overtimes.        During the playoffs and Carnation Bowl, overtime rounds will continue to be played until an overtime round does not end in a tie.



35.For 3rd - 5th grade

35.1.All penalties in the official high school rules shall be reduced to 60 percent of their stated value,     e.g., 15 yards will be 9 yards, 10 yards will be 6 yards, 5 yards will be 3 yards, etc.

35.2        100 Yard Field games will use penalties set forth in official high school rules. NHSF



35.3.First Offense:  Any player who is ejected from a game by the officials or causes a game to be forfeited due to unsportsmanlike conduct, will automatically be suspended for the next game including JYFA post season play on the first offense.

35.3.A second offense will cause such plto be automatically suspended for the next TWO games including JYFA post season play.

35.4  Any player during the course of making contact with another player who is observed      by any official to be leading with their head may be flagged and removed from the     game for three (3) plays.  No other penalty will be enforced for the first offense and           the result of the play will stand.

         Any player who is flagged a second time for leading with their head will result in an          unsportsmanlike penalty for that player and removed from the game for the       remainder of the half.

         Any player receiving a third penalty for leading with their head during a game will         receive a second unsportsmanlike penalty and be ejected for the remainder of the       game.



36.1   Two play recorders and timekeepers, one representing each team, shall stay together during the game, and shall record the plays, or time, thus determining when the quarters are completed.

36.1.1   For 60 yard fields Two play recorders/ scorekeepers, one representing each team, shall stay together during the game, and shall record the plays, thus determining when the quarters are completed.

36.1.2   For 100 Yard Fields The referees shall keep the official game clock and determine when the quarters are completed unless the game field has a visible scoreboard in which case the game time and score will be kept by the scoreboard operator.

36.2   The play recorders or timekeepers shall notify the referee, who shall notify both team captains and coaches at five (5) plays or two minutes before the end of each quarter.

36.2.For 60 yard fields The play recorders shall notify the referee, who shall notify both team captains and coaches at five (5) plays remaining.

36.2.For 100 yard fields The referee shall notify both team captains and coaches at 2 minutes remaining.

36.3   The Chain crew is also part of the officiating crew and may not coach or provide instruction during the game.

36.Infractions of this rule will result in being penalized with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.



37.1   Game balls shall be in conformity with the JYFA approved requirements. Because the availability of certain brands of footballs varies from year to year, game balls will be approved on a yearly basis. Teams will use game balls issued to them when playing offense. The county board has approved more than one brand of football for JYFA use.

37.1.1st thru 4th grades will play with a K2 or its equivalent;

37.1.5th and 6th grades will play with a TDJ or its equivalent

37.1.7th and 8th grades will play with a TDY or its equivalent.



38.1 Detachable cleats as defined by the NFHS rules are allowed for teams scheduled to play   games on 100-yard fields and are not allowed for teams scheduled to play games on 60-yard         or smaller fields.



39.1   All players must wear an official jersey with number corresponding to their individual roster number.

39.1.When two teams meet from the same area, contrasting jerseys will then be permitted with emphasis on matching numbers as much as possible for the visiting team.

39.2   If there is a damaged jersey requiring a change of jersey, the player's number must remain the same.

39.2.If a number change is required, the county President or designee must initial the change on the official rosters before the use of a jersey in a game.


39.4   No slit sleeves will be permitted and any player with such modification to the jersey is ineligible for play in that game.

39.4.If the sleeve must be slit for proper fit with equipment, a material insert (gusset) must be sewn in to give the jersey sleeve support.

39.5   If a jersey is damaged during a game and the official deems the damage capable of causing a potential injury or a number is no longer distinguishable, the official may assign another jersey to that player for that game only.

39.5.The official will discuss this with both coaches, and the name of the player and both jersey numbers will be noted on the play counter and timekeeper sheets of both teams by the official.

39.6   All JYFA players will be allowed to wear any type of glove provided the gloves do not have any metallic or protruding surfaces. Game officials shall have the right to inspect player's gloves and rule whether or not a player's gloves are suitable.



40.1   A scheduled game is automatically forfeited by any team that cannot field 11 eligible players within 30 minutes of the schedule game time, unless the game is officially postponed.



41.1   In general, the Association tries to discourage the postponement of games due to inclement weather.

41.1.Games may be postponed by the County President or the home team's Area President or designee.

41.1.2 A game may be postponed or suspended by an official if he or she deems the playing surface or conditions to be potentially hazardous to the players.

41.1.If a game is suspended during play, the County Board will have the final determination as to whether the game will be resumed from that point or if the results are to be final.



42.1   Rescheduling of games will be done as soon as possible by mutual agreement of the scheduling committee. (In the event of bad weather, the Area Presidents/Directors are to contact the County President and a special meeting will be called to make all necessary changes).

42.2   It will be the responsibility of the Area Presidents to contact their own teams involved in schedule changes.



43.1   Each team shall be responsible for keeping the spectators orderly and off the playing field and behind the spectator's boundary.

43.1.Shouting abusive language at a player, officials, or spectators is strictly prohibited, and violation shall result in enforcement of the high school rules.

43.2   At the immediate time of any incident or physical abuse of a Coach, Player Official or Spectator the officials will meet with the head coaches of both teams in order that every effort is made to identify the assailant.

43.2.Physical abuse of a Coach, Player Official or Spectator by any individual or coach will result in suspension of the individual or individuals involved from all JYFA activities for the entire calendar year or 365 days, commencing with the date of the infraction.

43.3   Officials will enforce official high school rules pertaining to coaches, boundaries and conduct, except that coaching from the sidelines by the team coaches will be permitted.

43.4   Only the head coach may ask for a rule interpretation or clarification of a penalty from a game official provided the coach does so in a professional manner.

43.A maximum of seven (5) coaches will be allowed inside the box on game day.

43.5.All coaches must pass a background check.

43.6   EJECTION: Any player or spectator who is ejected from a game by the officials or JYFA and its representatives, or causes a game to be forfeited due to unsportsmanlike conduct will automatically be suspended for the next game (scheduled, playoff or Carnation Bowl) on the first offense. A second such offense will cause such player or coach to be automatically suspended for the remainder of the season (playoffs and bowl games included).



44.A protest committee consisting of at least three (3) members will be appointed by the     County President to consider complaints of Rule and By-law infractions.

44.1.Each area will submit the name of one person each year that will be available to serve on the protest committee during the year.

44.2   Filing a protest: The proper procedure for filing a protest on a misapplication of the rules, not a judgment call, is to mark the following on a score sheet or play counter form before the snap of the ball for the next play.

44.2.The game officials shall be required to stop play when advised by either coach that a protest is to be filed.

44.2.1.The Official must allow the protest to be filed regardless of his or her opinion as to the validity of the protest.

44.2.ALL Items must be complete and correct:     Quarter - time left or number of plays left in quarter     Position of ball - down, direction, distance and who had it - going which way     Score at this point     Description of protest - be brief     Signature of both coaches, (or only protesting coach and referee)     The game officials shall notify both coaches that a protest has been filed

44.2.The Area President/Director and team scorekeeper shall be allowed to attend the protest meeting

44.3   All protests of Rule or By-law infractions will be submitted in writing to the Area President, along with the score sheet or play counter form as designated above.

44.The protest and the necessary record must be submitted to the protest committee by the Area President within two (2) days of the alleged infraction.

44.The County President will serve as a chairperson of the protest committee;

44.6   The protest committee will then render a decision of protest allowed or protest not allowed within two (2) days.

44.6.The protest committee's decision is final.

44.6.The officials furnished by the Association are paid officials. Protests regarding judgment calls will not be permitted insofar as the outcome of any game is concerned.



45.1   If any JYFA area member consistently disregards the Rules and By-laws of the JYFA, their membership may be rescinded.

45.1.The JYFA President shall appoint and chair a review board to impose and monitor corrective action such that the membership might be retained.

45.1.If such corrective action is not forthcoming, the area membership may be rescinded by a two- thirds vote of the remaining members.



46.Players participating in JYFA shall participate in every game including playoffs and the Carnation Bowl, with the following minimum play requirements:

46.1.All players on 60 yd. fields will be required to have a minimum play requirement of 15 plays including kickoff, kickoff return and extra point conversions.

46.1.All players on 100yd fields will be required to have a minimum play requirement of 10 plays including kickoff, kickoff return and extra point conversions.

 46.2 Reasons for not participating in mandatory play are:



46.2.Unexcused absent one practice (or more) per week without cause

46.2.Poor school performance as related by the parent

46.2.Attitude (justifiable), and

46.2.Official ejection.

46.3   If a child is not eligible prior to the start of the game, the player eligibility form must be completed and present at the pre-game meeting of the head coaches. Players who are ineligible are not required to meet this rule.

46.4   If a player becomes ill, is injured or has an attitude problem at any point during the game, the head coach shall notify the head official and the play-counters who will note the minimum play count sheet. In this case, the Area Director will exercise final say if a violation of this rule is alleged.

46.5   Each area shall provide one scorekeeper/play counters. That person will be part of the "officiating crew", along with timekeeper, and chains personnel.

46.6   Each play counter (one per team per game) is required to use the league-standard play-counting sheet. Play counting sheets are to be signed by each play counter at the conclusion of the game.

46.7   All play counters are to meet at midfield at the beginning of halftime to consolidate notes and agree on status of all players. This shall take place in the presence of the head referee. Play counters will then inform their respective head coaches of status of all players before the start of the 3rd quarter.

46.Failure to comply with mandatory play shall not be a forfeitable offense in the regular     season.

46.9   Failure to comply with mandatory play in the playoffs or Carnation Bowl shall result in a forfeit. The JYFA County Board may provide play counters at the Carnation Bowl.

46.10   Failure of coach to comply with the mandatory play rule shall be reported in writing to the Area President and team manager, or appointed team representative keeping account of players and plays. This complaint is to be delivered to the respective coach along with a warning and or possible one game suspension of the head coach.

46.10.1   The Area Director at his/her discretion may review film to determine that the play count violation did/did not occur.

46.11   A second reported offense should be brought before the board or its designated committee. If the committee or board determines that the coach in question has violated the mandatory play rule, then the coach shall be barred from participation or attendance at the team's next two games.

46.12   A third reported offense, with a determination by the Area President or designated committee that the coach in question has violated the mandatory play rule, shall result in the coach being barred from coaching in the JMFA program for the remainder of the calendar year and an additional one calendar year beginning on January 1 the following year.

46.13   Failure of play counter to sign play-counting sheet at conclusion of the game may result in one-week suspension for their team’s head coach, as determined by Area President/Director.

46.14   At NO TIME shall a coach approach a parent or player and make an agreement to reduce the number of plays one game and increase the number of plays in subsequent games to make up the difference.

46.14.1   If it is determined by an Area Director and/or board that the above statement has occurred, the head coach of that team shall be suspended for one calendar year from the date of infraction.



47.1   One Rookie Tackle coach will be allowed on the field during games for the entire season, including playoffs and Carnation Bowl.

47.One 3rd grade coach will be allowed on the field during the first three (3) games of the JMFA scheduled season,

47.2.One coach from the team on offense and one coach from the team on defense may be on the field for the purpose of instructing the players.

47.2.Coaches on the field may only talk to their own players and may not discuss officials’ calls

47.2.On-field Coaches must stop talking or giving instructions when the offensive team gets in the set position.

47.2.Infraction of the above guidelines will subject the coach to dismissal to the sidelines.



48.1   The use of video equipment or filming equipment will be permitted under the following conditions:

48.1.Videotaping or filming or scouting must take place on lines from goal-line to goal-line.

48.1.No taping/filming or scouting from the end zones.

48.1.Taping/filming cannot impede/restrict the officials in the performance of their duties.

48.1.4 Taping/filming by either of the participating teams cannot in any manner impede safe play, as determined by the game officials.

48.1.No ladders, scaffold, or other elevation devices may be placed inside the spectator’s boundary line.

48.1.Failure to comply with the above conditions at the request of the game official will result in the delay of the game until safe conditions can be established and safe play can continue.



49.1   The use of electronics by any player, coach, or chain crewmember, is strictly prohibited including but not limited to:

49.1.Walkie-talkies, headsets, and cell phones.

49.All coaches must be in the box at all times when permitted by rule

49.2.No use of ladders, scaffolds, aerial drones or other elevation devices is permissible by any member of the coaching staff during game play.

49.Use of any electronic or elevation devices shall subject the Head Coach to ejection from the          game.









  1. NEW AREA:



















50.The JYFA shall consist of the following levels of organization and membership.

50.2   TEAM: A football team within an area (see Section 2 of this Article) shall consist of children eligible to play football in accordance with the JYFA By-Laws and Rules of play. Also, in accordance with JYFA eligibility rules

50.2.A TEAM must be a member of an Area – No Team may apply to play in JYFA independently.

50.2.Any Team wishing to enter JYFA may do so as with permission of the JMFA executive board. The JMFA executive board will review the previous year’s roster for authenticity.

50.2.3 Teams transferring into JYFA are allowed to roster all players from the previous year. However JYFA will limit recruits based upon the number of returning players. Teams of 15 or more returning players are allowed only 2 recruits. Teams of less than 15 returning players are allowed up to 4 recruits.  All other recruits must enter the blind draft. The JYFA executive board will review division placement of all teams transferring into JYFA.

50.2.4    Recruiting/request letters will not be allowed in this instance.     Any Area found to be in violation of this rule will be subject to immediate imposition of rules 56 and 57.

50.3   AREA: The areas shall consist of the individual football teams formed within geographic boundaries of the areas as defined in these rules. Each said area shall be known as an area association, and shall be governed by an Area Board of Directors, hereinafter called the Area Board.

50.4   THE JEFFCO YOUTH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, INC.: The JYFA shall consist of the area associations and shall be governed by a Board of Directors, hereinafter called the County Board.

50.4.The County Board shall consist of elected county officials and two representatives from each Area Association,     One of whom shall be the Area Association President/Director,     The other a County representative as defined in Article IV, Section 2.



51.1   The County assessment will be made and delivered at the August county meeting.

51.Assessments will then be due by the September county meeting.

51.2.If payment is not received by that meeting, then the ASSOCIATION failing to make payment will lose its county votes

51.2.All games its teams are scheduled to play will be forfeited.

51.2.Once payment is made to the county, all games will resume as scheduled but the forfeited games will hold and will not be replayed.

51.2.4     Once during a three-year period, an association may ask for a hardship from the County.     Payment of at least one-third must be made at the time of hardship

51.4.2        The County Board must approve the hardship with a two-thirds majority vote.     The remaining two-thirds of the payment will be due prior to the playoff games beginning.


  1. NEW AREA:

52.1   Any new geographical area may be eligible to apply for membership in JYFA when said area is capable of fielding and supporting a minimum of three (3) football teams.  Organizations with fewer than three (3) teams may be granted probationary status by a simple majority vote of the JYFA board.  Said organization would be subject to rule 53.5. Full membership in the JYFA shall be subject to approval of two-thirds of eligible voting members of the County Board present or who have voted electronically to the JYFA executive board secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting where the vote is taken.

52.1.Application must be submitted in writing to the President of the County Board.

52.1.2      All teams must be in compliance with the JMFA rules.     No player may be placed up or down a grade.     No player may be placed on a team who did not play on that team the previous year, other than through the draft.     All W/L records and other pertinent bracketing information will be provided to the annual bracketing meeting so that best judgement for appropriate divisional placement can be made.



53.A member area must maintain a minimum of three (3) teams each season.

53.2   Areas that do not meet the minimum on the weekend of bracketing can be subject to the following actions:

53.The area may be placed on probation and oversight.

53.4   The area would work with the Closest Geographical Area (CGA) with the lowest total teams with respect to fields, registration, and recruitment.     The CGA will have oversight into all decisions related to the registration and recruiting process. The area not meeting the minimum will have a financial requirement only for the resources they use to the CGA.

53.5   If an area is unable to achieve greater than three (3) teams after a three (3) year period or at any time falls below the minimum the JYFA Board may vote to place that area into probationary status one a year to year basis until the minimum is met or remove that area from JYFA membership

53.5.1     Areas that drop below the minimum requirement within three (3) years of an incident,     The JYFA President will appoint an oversight committee to review all policies and procedures.     The oversight committee may replace and/or implement new policies and procedures based upon the discoveries.



54.1   An existing area may divide into two areas subject to the approval of a 2/3 vote of the eligible voting membership of the County Board and providing the area is fielding 12 football teams or more at the time of the request.

54.1.Application to divide must be submitted in writing to the President of the County Board.




55.1.It is suggested that the Team Manager shall be an elected officer.     Each team in the association shall hold an annual meeting on a date prior to December 31 of each calendar year, at which time, the voting members, by a majority vote of the membership present, a Team Manager shall be elected for the remainder of the calendar year.

55.1.An elected Team Manager shall automatically be a member of their Area Board.

55.1.If any Team Manager having been duly elected shall decline, fail or be unable to serve, the team concerned shall elect a replacement for the unexpired term.



56.1.The following shall be elected officers within the various area associations:     President/Directors     Vice President(s)     Treasurer

56.1.2     Two or more officers may be combined in one person,     Except the President/Director and Treasurer,     And the offices of the President and County Representative shall not be so combined.

56.1.Prior to December 31 of each year, each Area Board shall hold an election for the purpose of filling offices.     Each area may conduct their election according to their own By-Laws.     If an officer having been duly elected, shall decline, fail or be unable to serve, the Area Board shall elect a replacement for the unexpired term.     If an Area President or County Representative is elected to an office of the County Board, the Area Board shall elect a replacement for the unexpired term.

56.1.Each Area Association officer and/or each member of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to one vote at any meeting of the Area Association Board of Directors, except the presiding officer. The presiding officer may exercise a vote only as necessary to break a tie among those present.

56.1.5       The duties of the Area Association Officers are as follows:     Each officer shall maintain such books and records as may be appropriate to their office, and shall be expected to attend all meetings of the Area Board,     And shall give a full and complete report of their activities to the Area Board on request.     It shall be the duty of each officer, upon completion of their term, resignation, or removal, to turn over all the books and records to the Area Board or to their successor.

56.1.President/Director: The President/Director shall call and preside at all meetings of the Area Association Board of Directors and shall attend meetings of the County Board.     In addition, they shall be responsible for securing coaches for the teams within their area, with the advice and consent of the Area Board of Directors.     The assignment of each registered child to a team shall be a prime responsibility of this office.

56.1.Vice President(s): The Vice President(s) shall assist the President/Director and discharge all of the duties of the President/Director in the absence of that office.

56.1.Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the list of all members and shall record the proceedings of the meetings of the Area Board. The Secretary shall also attend to such correspondence and reports as may be required.

56.1.Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be charged with the responsibility of collecting assessment fees and of keeping a proper record of all financial transactions. They shall furnish such financial statements or information as may be required by the County Board or by the U.S. Bureau of Internal Revenue Service. County Representative: A County Representative shall attend all meetings of the County Board as a voting member thereof. They shall be responsible along with the Area President for representing the opinion of the area at County board meetings and for reporting all county board transactions to the area board.

56.1.10   Alternate County Representative: An alternate County Representative shall discharge the duties of the County Representative at meeting(s) of the County Board in the absence of that officer.

56.1.11   Equipment Manager: The Equipment Manager shall be responsible for the requisition, maintenance, report, replacements and distribution of appropriate equipment for the teams.

56.2   REFEREE/JYFA MEMBER: No referee or director of referees involved with JYFA may hold any coaching or administrative position.



57.1   All member Areas accept that membership is a privilege and agree to abide by all Rules and By- Laws of the JYFA

57.2   Failure by an association to conform to these Rules shall submit them to possible probation or loss of membership in JYFA, or the County Board may determine such other penalty as appropriate.

57.3   A two-thirds vote of the voting membership of the County Board shall be necessary to impose any penalty.



58.1   The actions of any individual acting in an official capacity with JYFA or its member Areas are subject to the authority of the JYFA Executive Board of Directors.


58.1.Official Capacity is defined as     Coach     Assistant Coach     Team Manager     Team Mom     Area Officers and Board Members     Game Officials     Players and Member parents/guardians

58.1.When any individual in an official capacity is sanctioned by the JYFA Board they shall  have the right to request a hearing of the JYFA Board in their defense     NO HEARINGS WILL BE GRANTED FOR EJECTIONS BY A GAME OFFICIAL

58.1.The JYFA Board shall be convened with-in two weeks of the request for hearing at a time and place determined by the JYFA President

58.1.When the individual involved is NOT the Area President/Director they may present such arguments for or against the individual involved but shall recues themselves and remove themselves from the room while a determination is made.

58.1.Sanctions may include but are not limited to: Contracts

58.1.The JYFA’s decisions are final




59.1     Alameda:                  White on Blue

59.2     Arvada:                     Black on Red

59.3     Bear Creek:              Gold on Forest Gree 

59.4     Brighton:                  Red on Graphite

59.5     Broomfield:              White on Navy

59.6     Dakota Ridge:          Cardinal on Navy

59.7     Denver West:           Black on Orange

59.8     Englewood:              White on Royal

59.9     Golden:                     White on Maroon

59.10   Green Mountain:      Gold on Black

59.11   Lakewood:                Black on Orange

59.12   Mountain Area:       Silver on Navy

59.13   North East:               Maroon on Silver

59.14   North Metro:           Black on Teal

59.15   Rocky Mountain:      Black on Gold

59.16   South West:              Navy on Kelly Green

59.17   Standley Lake:          Kelly Green on Navy

59.18   Wheat Ridge:           Gold on Blue





Jefferson County Midget Football Association



This organization shall be known as the Jeffco Midget Football Association Inc., a nonprofit corporation in Jefferson County, Colorado, hereinafter called JMFA aka Jeffco Youth Football Association JYFA


The objective of the association is to organize, schedule, and conduct a football program for children between 1st thru 8th grade who meet the JMFA eligibility.


The JYFA shall consist of the following levels of organization and membership.

  1. 1. Voting Area:

The areas shall consist of the individual football teams formed within geographic boundaries of the areas as defined by Article VIII of these By- Laws. A football team within an area shall consist of children eligible to play football in accordance with JYFA By-Laws and rules of play. Each said area shall be known as an area association, and shall be governed by an Area Board of Directors, hereinafter called the Area Board which can also be governed by a sports association of multiple sports within that area. An area association must be in good standing in accordance with all JMFA rules and By-Laws to have Voting Area designation. Voting Areas will have full membership in JYFA including voting rights for all rule and by-law changes.


The JYFA shall consist of the area associations and shall be governed by a Board of Directors, hereinafter called the County Board. The County Board shall consist of elected county officials and two representatives from each Area Association, one of who shall be the Area Association President/Director, the other a County representative as defined in Article IV, Section 2. In addition, the immediate past President of the County Board shall automatically be a non-voting member of the County Board for one (1) calendar year.


A membership shall be extended to any elected office in JYFA, if said officer is currently an area Voting member


Probationary Area status may be granted to an area association whom does not meet the current requirements to be a Voting Member. Probationary Membership may be granted by a simple majority vote of the JYFA Voting Areas present for the vote. These areas will not have voting rights until the JYFA rules and By-Laws are met and or Voting Area membership is granted in accordance with JYFA rules and By-Laws


An honorary membership may, at the discretion of the County Board and/or Area Board, be extended to any other person, firm, partnership, corporation or other business entity interested in supporting the objectives of JYFA.



County Officers of the Jeffco Youth Football Assoc.:

The following shall be elected officers of the Board of Directors of the Jeffco Midget Football Association, Inc.:

  2. 1. President
  3. 2. Vice President
  4. 3. Secretary (appointed by President with approval of the Board)
  5. 4. Treasurer
  6. 5. Such offices as the County Board may deem necessary



The officers shall be elected from the County Board. An exception may be made where a particularly qualified person could benefit the association by being elected to an office.

JMFA coaches who have been elected to serve as President of the County Board will not be allowed to serve as the head coach of a team during their term of office.

JMFA coaches who have been elected to serve as an officer of the County

Board will be allowed to coach with the following restrictions:

  1. May not serve on a protest committee that involves the area the

officer is coaching for, the age group and division they are coaching in, or the opponent area of which they will face for the upcoming games for the remainder of the regular season.

  1. b. May not participate in a position that may influence the outcome of a game, e.g. participate in the assigning of officials for gam
  2. May not be involved in activities that are based upon factual information and the displaying or announcing of said information.
  3. d. May not be Treasurer of the county board.
  4. e. May not be a member of an area member bo
  5. f. May not be a part of the playoff selection/tie breaker proce
  6. i. In addition, the coach/officer may not be a part of an activity that two-thirds of the board votes to disallo
  7. ii. If the coach becomes suspended for acts that are in violation of the JMFA Code of Ethics, JMFA Honor and Integrity Program, or any such similar program at the time, the coach/officer will be

placed on probation without a review or vote.

iii.  If a coach/officer is suspended for a second infraction, a review committee will be convened to consider one of the following


  1. 1. Two year suspension from JYFA,
  2. 2. Lifetime ban from JYFA


Prior to December 31 of each calendar year, the County Board shall, by a majority vote of the members present, elect all officers of the County Board.


Each member of the County Board shall be entitled to one vote at meetings of the County Board as long as the member is from an area that meets all requirements to be an area/area in good standing (ie. Minimum number of teams, assessments paid, etc.) and except that the presiding officer may exercise a vote only if necessary to break a tie among those present.


Each officer of the County Board shall maintain such books and records as may be appropriate to their office and shall be expected to attend all meetings of the County Board and shall give a full and complete report of their activities to the County Board on request. The duties of the officers set forth below shall be subject to such modifications as the County Board may from time to time determine. It shall be the duty of each officer upon completion of their term, resignation, or removal, to turn over all of their books and records in the County Board or to their successor.


  1. 1. President: The President shall call and preside at meetings of the County Board. They shall be responsible for assignments of all committees necessary to oversee and guide the activities of the JMF The President shall appoint a person who shall collect scores of all games each week of scheduled play and for the reporting of same, either to local newspapers and/or the JMFA.
  2. 2. Vice President(s): The Vice President(s) shall assist the President and discharge all the duties of the President in the absence of that off
  3. 3. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the list of all members and shall record proceedings of the meeting of the County Board. The Secretary shall also attend to such correspondence and reports as may be requir
  4. 4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be charged with the responsibility of collections, assessment of fees from all area associations, and keeping a record of all financial transacti They shall furnish such financial statements as may be required by the County Board or the U.S. Board of Internal Revenue Service. He/she shall pay bills only upon approval of the County Board and upon presentation of suitable vouchers, receipts or invoices. All checks in excess of $2,000.00 shall have two signatures from the following officers: President, Vice President or Treasurer.




The County Board shall meet at least every other month throughout the calendar year and otherwise at the call of the President when requested by three (3) or more members of the County Board. The last meeting of each year shall be for the purpose of electing officers for the following year and to adopt any By-Law changes. It shall be the duty of the County Board to exercise supervision of all areas included in the JMFA and set out county wide policies, to determine areas of responsibility and discretion within which the area associations also may act, to elect officers to carry out the policies, to determine scheduling of games, to hire referees, and to carry out such other duties as may from time to time become necessary.



The scheduling committee shall consist of one member from each area and the County Board of Directors.


Any officer of the County Board may serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive years in any office of the County Board.


No two people from the same area will serve on the County Board ofDirectors at the same time.




In all meetings called by any of the authorized officers or board members of

JYFA, Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure shall be followed

insofar as is applicable.


The location of the principal office of the JYFA shall be maintained at the residence of the President of the County Board or at an official published location. 


The Secretary of the County Board may be compensated in an amount to be set by the County Board.


An audit of the financial records of the County Board shall be conducted at the end of the calendar year by a committee appointed by the President. An audit also shall be conducted in the event of the office of the county treasurer changing hands.


All Rule and By-Law changes may be introduced during any monthly county board meeting by an area in good standing or the county executive board.  A simple majority vote by areas in good standing present and or submitted to the county secretary electronically prior to the scheduled meeting is required for adoption of rules.  By-Law changes will require a two thirds majority vote for adoption I the same manner as rules.  Rule change proposals may be subject to pre-approved by a rules committee designated by the county president prior to presentation to the county board for consideration.

Rule changes passed after the June County board meeting will take effect the following season.  By-Law changes that are passed will take effect immediately.





Jeffco Youth Football Assoc.
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